Legacy Family Tree 9 Software Review

Legacy Family Tree 9 Review

In this addition, you will learn about Legacy Family Tree 9 Review. Legacy Family Tree is Windows genealogy software that helps family historians track, organize, print, and share family history. The standard edition is distributed as freeware with no restrictions, and downloading the software requires only registration on the company’s website. Users may be charged a fee to perform Product activation in order to “unlock” the deluxe edition’s additional features.

Legacy Family Tree 9 Review

Legacy Family Tree 9 has a lot of features and storage space. It takes into account the diverse interests and concerns of today’s genealogists. It includes a plethora of tools that will make family history not only enjoyable but also useful. Legacy Family Tree 9 has something for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or have been researching your family history for years. It’s one of the most popular genealogy programs on the market thanks to its simple interface and powerful tools. Let us investigate further!

Primary Characteristics

Beginning your work with Legacy Family Tree 9 is simple and straightforward. You can import a family tree using the Guided Startup Wizard. Alternatively, you can start from scratch, entering what you know about your family into a new file. When you are ready to start working, you can view a series of tips to help you become acquainted with the software.

Current Events

One of Legacy Family Tree 9’s best features is its emphasis on current genealogy events. Your homepage will display genealogy news and articles when you launch the programe. You will also be able to see details about your project as well as a helpful list of to-do’s to help you further your research.

Views on the Project

A project has three primary perspectives. The Family View, which is similar to a family group sheet, is the first. You can see a couple, their children, and their parents, as well as related facts. You can see three to four generations of your ancestors at a time when using the Pedigree View. The Descendant View allows you to see all of an individual’s descendants at once.

Storing Facts

Legacy Family Tree 9 can store a lot of information about people. You can enter an unlimited number of people, with each couple having up to 60 children. A single person has an infinite number of parents, spouses, media, and sources. When working with a single person, you can enter a variety of personal information.

If you are working with Latter-Day Saints resources, you can also organize them by Ancestral File Number. You can create your own reference systems to organize individuals if you wish. Notes can be added and categorized for a variety of purposes, including medical research. These organizational features will aid in the efficient and effective growth of your tree. If you ever need to merge data, the software has a well-developed feature for doing so.

You can quickly compare information in two files to create an accurate person history. Marriage data can be entered in the same manner as individual data. To gain access to ordinances, you can activate LDS resources. You can also track whether or not a couple had children.


In Legacy Family Tree 9, sourcing is simple. When editing data for an individual or marriage, you can manage citations using the Source Clipboard. Legacy Family Tree 9 also includes citation templates. You can use these templates to create footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies.


With Legacy Family Tree 9, publishing your research in charts can be a wonderful experience. You can choose between ancestor, fan, descendent, hourglass, and bowtie charts. You can even display DNA relationships if you want. Charts can be professionally printed and shared with family using Legacy’s printing services.

Reports and Charts

Traditional genealogical family group sheets, and timelines are among the reports available to you. You can also publish birthday lists, event accounts, LDS ordinances, and source-specific reports. Birthday reports, in particular, make excellent keepsakes for specific family members. You have a total of 33 reports to choose from, as well as the option to print a book that meets NEHGS criteria.

GEDCOM and Personal Ancestral Files are both supported by Legacy Family Tree 9. You can also include audio and video files to make your work more compelling.

Legacy Family Tree Standard Version vs. Deluxe Version

Some features distinguish the Deluxe Version of Legacy Family Tree 9. These include hints, which will only be available for a limited time in the Standard Version. The Reports features are more robust and comprehensive, allowing you to create medical and X-DNA reports. The Standard Version lacks some key features that improve research efficiency. The Standard Version, for example, does not color code ancestors. Furthermore, the use of tags and hashtags to identify ancestors is not possible. Finally, only the Deluxe Version has the ability to search Find A Grave’s databases.


Legacy Family Tree 9 is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It is also compatible with Mac computers that have a Windows emulator installed. These options include Bootcamp, Parallel, and Fusion. The software can also be run on a Linux computer using a Windows emulator such as VMWare or Sun’s Virtual Box. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

There is currently no version of Family Legacy 9 for Mac operating systems.

Cost of Legacy Family Tree Program

Legacy Family Tree 9 Standard is a free download. The program can be downloaded from the Legacy family tree. Legacy Family Tree 9 Deluxe can be purchased from the Legacy Family Tree online store. It is available in two variations. The first includes the software download, as well as a PDF manual and a Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscription. The cost of this package is $79.95. The second option only includes Legacy Family Tree 9 along with the PDF manual. This bundle costs $34.95.

You can upgrade from Legacy Family Tree 8 Deluxe or any previous version. If this is the case, your customer number entitles you to discounted pricing. The upgrade, which includes a webinar subscription and a manual, is $71.95. The upgrade, which includes only the software and manual, costs $26.95.


Question:- Does Legacy sync with Ancestry?

Answer:- Although Legacy Family Tree 9 does not sync with Ancestry, it does pull record hints from other databases. Find My Past, FamilySearch, Genealogy Bank, and MyHeritage are a few examples. In addition, the software looks for ancestor memorials on the Find A Grave website. It also allows you to keep a separate list of those people in your tree who have memorial IDs and those who do not.

Question:- What is the most recent release of Legacy Family Tree Software?

Answer:- Legacy Family Tree 9 is the most recent version of this software, which was released on April 17, 2017.

Question:- Where Can I Purchase Legacy Family Tree 9?

Answer:- The Legacy Family Tree online store sells Legacy Family Tree 9. It is only available for download at this time.

Question:- Can I install Legacy on more than one computer?

Answer:- If you previously purchased Legacy Family Tree 9 Deluxe and switch computers, you can still access the new tools. After purchasing the Standard Version, go to the Help menu and select the Unlock Legacy Deluxe option. Enter your name and customer number as directed. This will bring your Deluxe tools back to life.


Legacy Family Tree 9 exemplifies creativity and design in genealogy. It enables researchers to create extensive and well-organized trees. It also enables them to adhere to important industry standards for citing, sourcing, and publishing. Legacy Family Tree 9 is an excellent, low-cost option for researchers because of these factors.

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