How To Check And Repair Legacy Family Tree?

Check And Repair Legacy Family Tree

Here you will learn how to Check & Repair Legacy Family Tree file. If there are errors in your file, You need to check & repair your files. Legacy Family Tree is a genealogy program for Windows that helps family historians track, organize, print, and share family history. The standard edition is distributed as unrestricted freeware, with the only requirement being registration on the company’s website. Users may be charged a fee to perform Product activation to “unlock” the deluxe edition’s additional features.

Check And Repair Legacy Family Tree File

Regular maintenance will assist you in keeping your family file in working order. Just as you wouldn’t wait for a steady red engine light to indicate that it’s time to change the oil in your car, don’t wait for problems to appear in Legacy to indicate that it’s time to repair your family file.

Before Performing Any Operation That Will Cause Global Changes To Your Family File, Check/Repair It:

  • Both upgrading to a new Legacy version and updating (adding fixes and enhancements) to your current version.
  • Importing files, merging duplicate individuals, renumbering RINs, running Legacy Family Tree, and so on.

Check And Repair File In Legacy’s Help System

  1. Select File Maintenance > Check/Repair from the File menu.
  2. Begin the Check/Repair process. There are two screens with a Proceed button to click on each.
  3. There are more than 190 steps. Don’t interrupt the Check/Repair.
  4. Click No to complete the repair if any error messages appear during the Check/Repair process. (You may need to click Yes at times).
  5. If there is an Error. Log gets create at the end of the Check/Repair process then close it and run Check/Repair again.
  6. Most of the time, there is no Error at the end of the second pass through Check/Repair. Log because all the issues have been resolve. This is good because your goal is to avoid using Error. Log. However, if the Error. Log is recreated, the items in it must be manually repaired. (Typically, this is the gender of a husband and wife being switched, or a man being linked to himself as his own father, and so on).


Here we Discuss How You Can Check And Repair Legacy Family Tree Files. If you are facing any issue with your Legacy family tree Program you can contact us Legacy Family Tree Support to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. Legacy Family Tree Support Number is +1-888- 471-8628 .