About us:- Tane Innovative Concepts LLC owns https://legacyfamilytreehelp.com. We support genealogy software being an independent company. Our company was founded because many genealogists don’t get easy solutions from software manufacturers. We don’t just provide the best solutions, but we also make it easy for our customers to use our service.

Our Team has highly skilled professionals with more than 10-year experience, and we are dedicated to delivering the best service. So our clients can use their software worry-free. You can learn more about Legacy Family Tree.

How Do We Provide Service?

A user can get Chat Support, Phone or Remote Support. We have live agents all week from 9 AM to 9 PM Central Standard Time Zone. Our support can be availed online and offline. If you want a genealogist or tech at home, you can request a home visit by calling our support number. Customers can also visit our contact us page to find more information about reaching out to us.

Our Commitment to Customer

We at Tane Innovative Concepts LLC are committed to safeguarding our customer information. Therefore, we try not to share your information with any third party knowingly. We understand that our growth depends on customer satisfaction, so we worked hard to ensure we have happy customers.

Conclusion About us Legacy Family Tree

We aim to help genealogists with difficulties using technology for their research. Since this is a premium service, we charge for our technician service. A user can get limited free chat support. So if you are looking for a dedicated company to get help with your genealogist research, then contact us.

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