Legacy 101 File Maintenance Problem – Fix your error

Legacy 101 Error File Maintenance

If you are facing a Legacy 101 File Maintenance Problem then you must go through this content. Here, you will find the simple solutions to resolve the Legacy 101 error File Maintenance. So, contact the professionals right now for quick help regarding maintenance-related difficulties.

Also, the Legacy is just a true database program and it requires some routine maintenance. Along with that, many people just ignore this step and thus, they face such respective issues. So, the more you work in your respective file and also, the larger your file is the more often you will have to do this.

Steps To Fix Legacy 101 File Maintenance Error

Four things have been list as file maintenance routines. So, let us discuss one by one in detail related to legacy file maintenance errors.

Option 1

You have to, first of all, check/repair and this should be done before backing up the file.

a computer screen shot of a web page showing how to take a backup legacy 101 error.

  • After that, the individuals will be deleted from the respective Family file. Also, the reference to them will be quickly removed. Along with that, the information of the individual will just exist in the particular file.
  • The check/repair will just remove the information and thus, it will make the room that is available for other additions. Also, the Legacy will just move via the files as well as compress the records that have not been referenced.

Check/Repair File Popup legacy software error

  • The Legacy will just run via the family file and then you need to look for the integrity of all the links to ensure that there are just no pointers for deleting the records.
  • The actions that have been taken during the verifying process have been recorded in the text file named ERROR.LOG mentioned in the My documents\ Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Log folder.
  • This file can be easily viewed with the respective text editor or word processor. Also, if there are any difficulties in the file then you will be soon asked if you have viewed the error log after the completion of the check or repair.
  • If there are any errors then you can simply run it again.

If still, you have some issues after the second pass then many issues will help in resolving it manually. Also, the Legacy will provide you with the detailed information that you want to resolve the Legacy 101 error. Along with that, if you are not sure then you can simply call our experts at +1-888-471-8628 then the expert will help you.

Option 2

After that, you need to do is list cleanup.

Master List Cleanup Option

  • Try to just remove abandoned information; you can simply remove the unuse entries or all of the master list that is just maintain by the Legacy. For instance, abandoned entries can simply happen in the surname list if you need to delete the people with a certain surname from the respective family file. Also, the surname will remain in the master list as an unreferred name and you can simply have the Legacy run via the surname list. This will help in removing the name that have not been point to. Also, this is the most often case if you have written the misspelled name and then you need to simply correct it. “Smith” can simply end up in the respective list and this will take up the room and thus, will never be reference.
  • You can also keep or restore the original values. Along with that, legacy will just start with a few built-in lists. This will simply conclude the common source types, event definitions, marriage statutes, child statuses, to-do categories as well as temple names. Also, after purging the unused items from the respective master list, you can simply keep the original default entries. If you have just created your event definitions then you don’t check the box that is just next to the event definitions option. Also, if you do this then it will quickly delete all the respective custom event definitions Legacy has just a second warning screen for alerting you to it.

Screenshot of Reseting scentence popup with warning

  • Next, you need to try to combine duplicate entries. The Legacy will just combine the duplicates on the respective master lists that have been accidentally written.

Option 3

Next, you need to do is to compact the family file.

Screen shot of compact file popup

  • When the individual has been deleting from the family file then all the references will be remove. So, the information of the individual will exist in the respective file. Also, to remove the information, you have to move ahead to this option.
  • Also, the Legacy just moves via the file as well as compresses out the records that have not been referr and thus, thus making it smaller.

Option 4

You need to simply set the sorting order properly.

  • You have to just set the order in your name and thus it will appear based on the main language that you are using. Also, the different countries will just sort the names in their respective ways. Along with that, this option will help in re-indexing the entire file and thus, it will be a good idea to back up the file before just choosing the option.

Set file sorting order option

Thus, the legacy file Maintenance routines will help you in keeping the file properly in top running order.


If you want some solution related to the legacy 101 error file maintenance then must reach the experts right now. You need to inform them about the issues that you are facing related to such legacy errors. Then must reach the experts right now for quick help call us at +1-888-471-8628 or Live chat is also available.


Question:- What is a legacy file?

Answer:- The legacy file means the information that has been stored in outdated systems, formats as well and technologies that are often difficult to access.

Question:- What is the main purpose of file maintenance?

Answer:- The main purpose of file maintenance is to simply the process of keeping the files currently by just adding, changing, or deleting the information that you want.

Question:- What does maintaining files mean?

Answer:- Maintaining the file means that it is just administering the system that helps in correctly handling the digital data.


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