GEDCOM File: Easy Way To Export FTM Into Legacy Family Tree 9

Export FTM Into Legacy Family Tree

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The fundamental building block of this advancement in the modern world is evolution. Keeping track of innovations is therefore essential in today’s modern world because it helps to comprehend and break down these innovations into their component parts. But without a strong conduit, such a massive task would be impossible to complete.

One such example is the GEDCOM file, which can be use to store genealogical information in compatible genealogy software by copying, uploading, importing, and exporting Gedcom files into family trees. However, before uploading the file, you can email Pedigree Resource File a GEDCOM file containing the details of your case history (PRF). Then, FamilySearch users will have access to your case history, but they won’t be able to change it. You continue to have complete control over your file after it has been transfer. The file can either be remove from the pedigree resource file or change to a new one. You can transfer information and compare your GEDCOM file to the clan.

Export FTM To Legacy Family Tree

Follow the below pointers to export from family tree maker to Legacy :-

1) If you have a tree on, you must link your FTM to the tree and double-check that ALL the media has been download to your hard drive and is accessible in FTM. FTM 2012 or 2014 is require to be able to do this. If you have media files and you are using an earlier version of FTM, you must open the file in FTM 2014 or a later version of FTM to change the media items from embedded to linked. In earlier versions, media files were embedded rather than linked to (all contemporary programs link including FTM). Instead of embedding the media, FTM 2014 will extract it, convert it into real media files, and link to it.

2) Compress your file by choosing Perform extended analysis under TOOLS > COMPACT FILE.

3) Produce Gedcom. Maintain the default settings.

4) After creating Gedcom, do not move or rename any media files or folders. We’ll discuss that shortly.

5) Check that you are running Legacy’s most recent update because it contains FTM fixes (FTM generates Gedcom that do not adhere to the Gedcom Standards so Legacy has to compensate for that).

6) Add the Gedcom File to Legacy. Geoff created this step-by-step video, which you can access here: id=415.

7) Once your file is in Legacy, go to FILE > MEDIA RELINKER and check to see if any of your links are broken. Verify that you can see the media by visiting someone’s Media Gallery. Visit TOOLS > GATHER MEDIA right away. Let Legacy copy the media to the default location, Documents Legacy Family Tree Media, for the time being. All of your link media will be copy by Legacy to this folder before being relink. This is crucial because, unless you do it, you will lose your media if you uninstall FTM and delete the FTM folders.

Import GEDCOM File Into Family Tree Maker Program:- 

  1. Family Tree Maker exports facts with the PLAC tag, which is only used for locations in all other genealogy software. That would be imported as a Location rather than an event by any program. We have made accommodations for this in Legacy by allowing the user to choose, at the time of import, whether the data should be directed to a location or an event. Click the Save button only.
  2. Saved publications and tasks are not included in FTM GEDCOM files.
  3. Images and documents inserted into Family Tree Maker versions prior to 2012 cannot be transferred to other programs. The piece “Family Tree Maker is one of many offline editing programs that improperly handles media object pointers within the GEDCOM, according to the article “Import GEDCOM” at GEDCOM. Many programs, including Legacy, handle these effectively.” (Media object pointers, also known as images, sound, video, and documents, are another term for multimedia links).
  4. Opening your file in Family Tree Maker 2012 or 2014 will resolve any picture links that were present in files created with Family Tree Maker versions prior to 2012.
  • Open the Media Gallery and double-click on a picture or document that isn’t link.
  • After informing you that Family Tree Maker cannot locate the specified image, it provides a list of all embedded media.
  • Select everything, then click Search. A little time will help Family Tree Maker find them all. They will all turn into links in the list, as you can see.
  • That’s it; all of your media now has links that can be export as GEDCOM files and imported into Legacy.

5. When exporting from Family Tree Maker 2012 or 2014, picture links will be present in the GEDCOM files (see 4. above). Legacy may require assistance if it cannot see the images. Please note that I have missing media files (attached images and missing documents).


You won’t likely get a good GEDCOM file if your Family Tree Maker file is damage. According to the Ancestry Support Center,

  1. Restore a data backup that was made before the file damage occurred is the best way to recover from file damage.
  2. Compressing your file is probably the simplest fix you can try.
  3. Frequently, uploading a file from Family Tree Maker 2008-2014 to results in a file that is free of corruption, which you can then download and re-open in Family Tree Maker 2010-2014.
  4. GEDCOM exporting your file, then importing it into FTM. It’s crucial to remember that GEDCOM files do not contain saved publications or tasks when using this repair technique. In addition, link files cannot be include in Family Tree Maker versions 2011 and earlier.

After fixing your Family Tree Maker file, you can export a quality GEDCOM to Legacy.


Question:- Can I import my Ancestry tree into Legacy?

Answer:- Yes, you can import your ancestry into Legacy. Go to Trees > Create & Manage Trees > Manage Tree > Export Tree on

Question:- Does Legacy Sync with Ancestry or FamilySearch?

Answer:- Legacy Family Tree 9 pulls record hints from other databases but does not sync with Ancestry. These include MyHeritage, Find MyPast, FamilySearch, and Genealogy Bank. The software also looks for ancestor monuments on the Find a Grave website.

Question:- Will Legacy work on a Mac?

Answer:- You can add a Legacy Contact for your Apple ID as of iOS 15.2, iPad 15.2, and macOS 12.1. The simplest, safest way to grant someone you trust access to your Apple account’s data after your passing is by adding a Legacy Contact.